Testimonio Claudia Schwartz
Bandera Nicaragua “I was able to verify the high quality of the teachers and the excellent academic pedagogy used in classes. The methods used are fun with a great human quality and excellent results!”
Claudia Schwartz
Entrepreneur Radio YA!
Testimonio Kimberly Castillo
Bandera República Dominicana “In a very short time I reinforced my English before the Miss Universe Pageant and it is worth noting that I am aware of that great achievement.”
Kimberly Castillo
Miss Dominican Republic 2014
Testimonio Chele González
Bandera El Salvador “Excellent Service and the best teaching staff, you really learn here!!”
Chele González
TV host
Testimonio Dra. Mirna Janeth Juárez
Bandera Honduras “The IALS system was created by professionals like us!! It’s fantastic and extremely effective.”
Dra. Mirna Janeth Juárez
Testimonio Ethan Maniquis
Bandera República Dominicana “I am very pleased with Academia Europea, the teachers are very professional and dedicated. They have vastly improved my language skills (Spanish) in a short amount of time.”
Ethan Maniquis
Movie editor
Testimonio Meli Montes Narvaez
Bandera Nicaragua “The teaching system of Academia Europea is extremely dynamic, providing short and long-term results and thanks to it I could develop my English very easily.”
Meli Montes Narvaez
TV Hostess
Testimonio Shaka Y Dres
Bandera Nicaragua “Definitely, Academia Europea is the best option there is to learn a language in an unique and fun way!”
Shaka Y Dres
Testimonio Henry Galeas
Bandera Honduras “I am very satisfied with the service, attention is personalized, and above all I have learned the language very fast.”
Henry Galeas
Human Resources Manager of BANPAIS
Testimonio Dr. Roberto Ortega Plath
Bandera Nicaragua “I have been studying with Academia Europea for a year, I have witnessed the method used, which has given me confidence and security to participate. This will gradually help me reach the desired goal.”
Dr. Roberto Ortega Plath
Testimonio Rossanna Camarena
Bandera República Dominicana “Academia Europea has brought to class an immersion system without traveling. Each class is an encounter with the language in different aspects of professional, social, political and philosophical life. "
Rossanna Camarena
General Manager of Caribbean Porter Novelli
Testimonio Alicia Coello
Bandera Honduras “The staff is attentive, interactive, fun, and dynamic, which really helps to lose the fear of the language.”
Alicia Coello
Testimonio Dayana Marcia
Bandera Honduras “I love the environment we have in class and the breaks…. We are also definitely part of that great family!”
Dayana Marcia
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